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Ian has worked in the restaurant trade for 35 years. For 12 of those years he owned and ran his own successful restaurant 'Quincys' in Seaford East Sussex. Before running his own resturant Ian was the original Head chef of the Hungry Monk at Jevington, in Sussex, and invented the now famous Banoffi Pie. For the last 10 years Ian has worked as a freelance chef & consultant as well as teaching cookery courses for the Adult Education Dept at Sussex Downs College. Ian also writes articles for the national catering press publications. In 2003 he was asked to cook for the reality television programme shown on Channel 4 called 'Regency House Party'. As well as researching the historical aspects of the food Ian cooked lavish banquets, for the sixteen guests, every night for the 10 week shoot.

In 2005 Ian worked on a programme that set out to re-create the 1911 Scott and Amundsen expeditions to the South Pole with explorer Bruce Parry. Ian's job was to research and create the ration called 'pemmican' that both teams used.

In 2007 he was asked to put together menus for a programme exploring how some historic diets worked. The menus had to reflect the food of the time and the dietary regime. He also worked as a consultant on the preparation and service of the food. The programme was called 'The Diets That Time Forgot' and was shown on Channel 4 in 2008.


In 2012 Ian was asked to produce the food for the first two episodes of Turn Back Time - The Family, a programme that took five families through the historic highs and lows of the last century. His role was as chef to the upper class family for the early part of the century and to cook the type of food they would have eaten in this era. The programme was shown in June 2012 on BBC1.

Ashdown Manna Cookery School

Ian is also one of the chef tutors at Ashdown Manna Cookery School. Ashdown Manna specialises in one day hands on courses using local and organic produce where possible. For details about these courses go to www.ashdowncookeryschool.co.uk

Courses start at £55 and include Knife Skills / Sauces / Patisserie / Breads and Baking / Fish and Seafood / Tapas / Canapes plus many others.

Food writing and photography

Ian writes regularly about food and cooking and is building a portfolio of photographs to compliment the recipes generated by his different activities. He is therefore able to supply a complete package for any publishing project

Sussex Downs

Below is a list of evening classes and Saturday workshops Ian is running at Sussex Down's College. For more info go to www.sussexdowns.ac.uk or telephone 08452 601 608

Evening classes
At Eastbourne Campus:

BASIC CHEF'S SKILLS 1 / Starts Tues 24 September 2013 /5 weeks / code: 3147/100 

FISH AND SEAFOOD / Starts Wed 25 Sept 2013 / 5 weeks / code: 1133/400

VEGETARIAN GOURMET / Starts Thurs 26 Sept 2013 / 5 weeks / code: 0045/240

BASIC CHEF'S SKILLS 2 / Starts Tues 5 Nov 2013 / 5 weeks / code: 3147/150

BREADS AND BAKING / Starts Wed 6 Nov 2013 / 5 weeks / code: 1133/370

REAL COOKING 1 / Starts Thurs 7 Nov / 5 weeks / code: 0045/290

All from 7-9pm.

Saturday workshops (10-1pm)


THE CURRY CLUB (INDIA) / 23 Nov 2013 (Lewes campus)